LICENSE - Universal Connectivity

What is the license for GitHub - libp2p/universal-connectivity: Realtime decentralised chat with libp2p showing ubiquitous peer-to-peer connectivity between multiple programming languages (Go, Rust, TypeScript) and runtimes (Web, native binary) using QUIC, WebRTC and WebTransport ?

I can’t tell if you are a bot, but it’s a good question regardless.

Maybe @danieln or @pshahi can add the correct license. (On that same note, /specs doesn’t have a license yet either.) Until a license is applied, MIT is probably a safe assumption since that’s what most of the other related repos use.

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Hi Mosh,

Thank you for your reply. I’m not a bot :rofl:

I think MIT is probably a safe assumption too. However, I’d just like to be sure.

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Thanks for flagging this @MontrealAI and thanks for the ping @mosh :pray:

I’ll add the MIT/Apache-2 dual license which is very permissive and is the default for all PL projects. You can read more about why in this blog post Introducing the Permissive License Stack | Protocol Labs

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Thank you, happy thanksgiving :blush: :sparkles: