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@raul, we are very curious in contributing to the rust implementation of the libp2p.

We are also exploring internally options to use libp2p as the networking protocol for KIP

It would be a great help if you you could reply to this thread with a bunch of libp2p “essentials” for contributors. Much helpful if you can spend some time on sharing relevant info for our rust developers.


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@raul, Yes we found libp2p a great choice for our work and our team is very interested to explore it more.
I hope you would help us.
Rahul Lenkala

Hey @0zAND1z and @rahullenkala,

Welcome to the community! :sparkles:

I’d recommend starting with:

Hope that helps!


Great, we will plan further and ping you here if we need any help.

Thanks, raul!

Hi all
I’ve asked the same as an issue on Github but I’ll ask it here:

I want to create a multi-node, p2p http and websocket “proxy” setup.

As in - there are identical http+ws servers running on some nodes. The proxy should know how to get to the node server in question (using a special URL) and keep the WS connection if need be.

Any examples to this effect or parts to this effect?