Libp2p Resources

Hi friends, I hope all are doing well, I’m new
new here and I am here for getting some help.
Friends I wanted to build application using libp2p and Golang. I don’t have any previous experience with P2P communication except webRTC.

I just approached the libp2p with the only knowledge of client server model, initially I thought I can adapt it easily.

Things not happened like what I expected, it works entirely differently.

Now I have some ideas on it, but it isn’t clear.

I am always trying to figure out the libp2p by relating the difference of client server model. From the context of the API I didn’t understand.

Does anyone can share any good references to understand how the things are working will help me a lot.

I only need a intuition on that, If you’re helping minded give something for me or just put a comment, I am sharing my LinkedIn too, if you have some time we can talk.

Hello @anazibinurasheed ,

Welcome to the libp2p community! Your experience isn’t unusual. It takes a little effort to shift your understanding from client-server to peer-to-peer. Don’t be discouraged. There are lots of learning resources for you to help you:

Good luck!

Cheers! :beers: