Makebasichost add another flag

in order to implement a blockchain with libp2p for gloalng , but my p2p contain diifrent type of role or profil ( Miner and Manager)

listenF := flag.Int("l", 0, "wait for incoming connections")
    target := flag.String("d", "", "target peer to dial")
    insecure := flag.Bool("insecure", false, "use an unencrypted connection")
    seed := flag.Int64("seed", 0, "set random seed for id generation")
**NodeType := flag.Int64("NodeType", 0, "set the type of Peer Manger or Miner")**

I wat to this, by using a flag , so when i added a new flag in may MakeBasichost function i have an error:
cannot use *NodeType (type int64) as type int in argument to makeBasicHost

is it correct logic to do ? and if anyone has any other idea could you share it with us, please!
best regard