Libp2p Community Calls

Summary: We would like to invite you all to the upcoming libp2p Community Calls.


> Our goal is to enable a new generation of decentralized applications in which network nodes are full peers, providing and consuming data, and routing traffic for one another, all without the need for centralized infrastructure points or reliance on third-party ownership of data.

This is a great mission, but it’s impossible to achieve without a strong and well connected community of implementors and users.

With the above in mind, we would like to revive the libp2p Community Calls. For now we will organize them on a ~biweekly schedule. The agenda isn’t cast in stone, though we are aiming for a healthy mix of:

  • Implementators sharing what’s next in the various implementations
  • Users presenting their libp2p based projects

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in libp2p is welcome to attend.

How to attend?

Subscribe and join via this calendar event on the libp2p Public Events calendar.

First meeting

The first meeting is on 2021-12-14 17:00 UTC.

We will start off with a high level overview of where libp2p is at today across the many implementations. If time allows we will cover libp2p’s plan to enable decentralized hole punching (aka. Project Flare).


Second Meeting

Time & place

Our second meeting is happening tomorrow, 11th of January, 17:00 UTC. As always you can join via the libp2p Public Events calendar. See the Zoom link in the calendar event.


Over the course of the year we would like to give each libp2p language implementation team the chance to present the state of their implementation. We will start off with rust-libp2p tomorrow.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Third Meeting

Time & place

Our third meeting is happening today, 25th of January, 17:00 UTC . As always you can join via the libp2p Public Events calendar. Find the Zoom link either in the calendar event or below.


We will either do a quick overview of js-libp2p or look into the new Protocol Select protocol negotiation protocol.

See you later today!