36th libp2p Community Call

Background: Libp2p Community Calls

Time & place

Our 36th meeting is happening tomorrow 13th of June (Tuesday), 4:00 P.M. UTC . As always you can join via the libp2p Public Events calendar. Find the Zoom link either in the calendar event or below.


To be determined. Feel free to comment below.



  • ChadN
  • Doug Anderson
  • Alexey
  • Meek
  • Brandon
  • Dave Huseby

Topics Discussed

  • swift-libp2p update by Brandon
    • swift-libp2p is getting implementations of KAD-DHT and PubSub
    • QUIC early beta should be available this week
  • DougAnderson444 updated on his hackathon project
    • libp2peasy builder pattern is complete for rust-libp2p
      • lives here: GitHub - DougAnderson444/libp2peasy
      • Extism protocol wasm plugins work is coming along
      • IPNS and Nostr-alike protocol
        • Goal is to find a component written in Rust, compile it to WASM, then run it in the browser with the js-libp2p impl
          • difficulties getting the wit-bindgen to work in this way
  • ChadN update on the hackathon
    • Is there a better way to get users to run js-libp2p in the browser in an easier way?
    • Good resource on opinionated ways of doing peer discovery and how pub-sub should be used?
    • It seems likes learning how to use libp2p involves larger/broader topics than just networking. It’s more about configuration and mapping p2p design to the tools available in libp2p.
    • Doug: it’s too many levers and too many options…we should probably provide easy-to-use default configuration examples/API interfaces.
  • Let’s consider building a web-based decision tree
  • Alexey
  • Meek updated on his video streaming project
    • Doug mentioned there’s an idea of using gossip sub to replicate video files to many peers such that any viewing clients can stream the video bittorrent style from a subset of the peers with a copy of the video
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