19th libp2p Community Call

Background: Libp2p Community Calls

Time & place

Our 19th meeting is happening on the 20th of September, 16:00 UTC . As always you can join via the libp2p Public Events calendar. Find the Zoom link either in the calendar event or below.


As usual, open conversations. Feel free to post questions below or send them my way beforehand.

I do not think I can make it to the call during that time but I do have a few questions:

  • Will these calls recorded for those that cannot make the time? If so where can one access the recordings?
  • Are there any (short or midterm) plans to continue the development of message-oriented transports?
  • Is development still happening for the daemon spec?

They are not being recorded. Reasoning being (a) more work on my end and (b) less open format.

Can you expand on your use-case? Why do you require a message-oriented transport?

Replied on the thread.

Thanks for the response, the message orientated transport in my opinion is one of the most important things missing from LibP2P.

The main reason is enabling other transports like bluetooth, UDP, Seakernet and the datagram extension to quic. Also I think one-way transports would be cool to support as well, which messaging would make easier to achieve. I would imagine that UDP would not only be useful to increase the efficiency of things like GossipSub (and maybe the DHT?) but would enable other projects where delivery time is essential.

I am most interested in Sneakernet at the moment (the other things would be really cool to have too) but I don’t think it is that feasible to make it in a stream based format compared to a messaging based one.

Here is a few references I have found to work being done on message-orientated transports.