Go-libp2p v0.27.0 released

Hey all,

There is a new release of go-libp2p! Release v0.27.0 路 libp2p/go-libp2p 路 GitHub

Breaking Changes

  • The LocalPrivateKey method was removed from the network.Conn interface. #2144

:flashlight: Highlights

Additional metrics

Since the last release, we鈥檝e added metrics for:

  • Relay Service: RequestStatus, RequestCounts, RejectionReasons for Reservation and Connection Requests,
    ConnectionDuration, BytesTransferred, Relay Service Status.
  • Autorelay: relay finder status, reservation request outcomes, current reservations, candidate circuit v2 support, current candidates, relay addresses updated, num relay address, and scheduled work times

:lady_beetle: Bugfixes

  • autonat: don鈥檛 change status on dial request refused 2225
  • relaysvc: fix flaky TestReachabilityChangeEvent 2215
  • basichost: prevent duplicate dials 2196
  • websocket: don鈥檛 set a WSS multiaddr for accepted unencrypted conns 2199
  • identify: Fix IdentifyWait when Connected events happen out of order 2173
  • circuitv2: cleanup relay service properly 2164

We also had a patch release: 0.27.1 Release v0.27.1 路 libp2p/go-libp2p 路 GitHub

This patch release fixes a couple of bugs. Most importantly, go-libp2p now infers WebTransport listen addresses from the observation (via Identify) of QUIC addresses, if QUIC and WebTransport are run on the same IP and port.