Go-libp2p v0.22.0

We’re happy to announce the v0.22.0 release of go-libp2p.

go-libp2p is a mono-repo now

This release finishes our long-term effort of consolidating repositories (#1556), turning go-libp2p into a mono-repo. In this release, we’ve moved the last 4 remaining repositories here:

As with our last consolidation release (v0.20.0), this means that some import paths might have changed. The recommended way of updating is the following:

  1. Run go get -u ./.... This will pull in updated dependencies, including updates for all the repositories listed above.
  2. Run staticcheck ./.... All repositories listed above were deprecated, and staticcheck will generate errors when they are imported.

Other noteworthy changes

  • When no Identity is passed to libp2p.New, we generate a private key for you. We now generate an Ed25519 key instead of a RSA key (#1576).
  • AutoRelay now actively polls for new candidates, instead of expecting the application to continuously deliver new candidates (#1569).
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