Go-libp2p v0.26.0 released

go-libp2p v0.26.0 is out!

:flashlight: Highlights

Circuit Relay Changes

Removed Circuit Relay v1

We’ve decided to remove support for Circuit Relay v1 in this release. v1 Relays have been retired a few months ago. Notably, running the Relay v1 protocol was expensive and resulted in only a small number of nodes in the network. Users had to either manually configure these nodes as static relays, or discover them from the DHT.
Furthermore, rust-libp2p has dropped support and js-libp2p is dropping support for Relay v1.

Support for Relay v2 was first added in late 2021 in v0.16.0. With Circuit Relay v2 it became cheap to run (limited) relays. Public nodes also started the relay service by default. There’s now a massive number of Relay v2 nodes on the IPFS network, and they don’t advertise their service to the DHT any more. Because there’s now so many of these nodes, connecting to just a small number of nodes (e.g. by joining the DHT), a node is statistically guaranteed to connect to some relays.

Unlimited Relay v2

In conjunction with removing relay v1, we also added an option to Circuit Relay v2 to disable limits.
This done by enabling WithInfiniteLimits. When enabled this allows for users to have a drop in replacement for Relay v1 with Relay v2.

Additional metrics

Since the last release, we’ve added additional metrics to different components.
Metrics were added to:

We also migrated the metric dashboards to a top-level dashboards directory.

:lady_beetle: Bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug where AutoNat would emit events when the observed address has changed even though the node reachability hadn’t changed.

Relay Manager

  • Fixed a bug where the Relay Manager started a new relay even though the previous reachability was Public or if a relay already existed.

Stop sending detailed error messages on closing QUIC connections

Users reported seeing confusing error messages and could not determine the root cause or if the error was from a local or remote peer:

{12D... Application error 0x0: conn-27571160: system: cannot reserve inbound connection: resource limit exceeded}

This error occurred when a connection had been made with a remote peer but the remote peer dropped the connection (due to it exceeding limits).
This was actually an Application error emitted by quic-go and it was a bug in go-libp2p that we sent the whole message.
For now, we decided to stop sending this confusing error message. In the future, we will report such errors via error codes.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to create a post here or in the go-libp2p repo. Thank you!

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