Go-libp2p v0.20.0 released

We’re happy to announce the v0.20.0 release of go-libp2p.

In this release, we’ve taken steps to reduce the go-libp2p-* repo sprawl, and move all transport-related repositories (and some others) to go-libp2p. Specifically, the following repositories were deprecated:

  • go-libp2p-blankhost
  • go-libp2p-swarm
  • go-libp2p-yamux
  • go-libp2p-mplex
  • go-libp2p-noise
  • go-libp2p-tls
  • go-tcp-transport
  • go-libp2p-quic-transport
  • go-ws-transport
  • go-libp2p-pnet
  • go-libp2p-nat
  • go-libp2p-transport-upgrader
  • go-conn-security-multistream
  • go-stream-muxer-multistream
  • go-reuseport-transport

For users of go-libp2p, this might mean that a few import paths have changed. The recommended way of updating is the following:

  1. Run go get -u ./... . This will pull in updated dependencies, including updates for all the repositories listed above.
  2. Run staticcheck ./... . All repositories listed above were deprecated, and staticcheck will generate errors when they are imported.