What is the best approach using libp2p in the ios?

We are planning to use the libp2p in the ios. Is there any detailed guideline for this?

The Textile.io folks are building iOS apps which embed an IPFS node:

Their approach is to build with go and embed the binary.

If you search around, there are some other projects … all very experimental.

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We have had some success with the JS version on iOS and Android talking to a desktop Electron app (also JS). It is on pause while we do other things first, but should have more details in a month or so.

As @jimpick mentioned, you can use Go to build binaries(GoMobile) for both Android and iOS.
I haven’t tried it for Libp2p, but it is what most of the people have been using till now.

But I had a conversation(at IPFS Camp) with Carlson from Textile, and he told that the Go binaries are more of a work around rather than a good workable solution. So, Textile is planning to move the iOS and Android Libp2p implementations to native ones.

I Hope this helps.