Gomobile bind fails to make iOS bindings due to missing libproc.h file

I’m trying to use gomobile to create iOS bindings for a few functions involving go-libp2p. To test the process, I made this function:

func CreateHostBindingTest(name string) string {
	privKey, _, _ := crypto.GenerateKeyPair(crypto.RSA, 2048)
	listenAddr, _ := multiaddr.NewMultiaddr("/ip4/")
	host, _ := libp2p.New(

	return host.ID().String()

When I run gomobile bind ... I get an error back that libproc.h was not found. I downloaded libproc.h and libproc.c, but I can’t figure out how to actually use them (on M1 Mac) so gomobile can complete successfully? Has anyone else run into this issue?