Connect libp2p node to a go-ipfs node

I’m running a node app with libp2p. I can create nodes and operate with them.

But I’m unable to connect my libp2p nodes, with nodes running on a cluster with go-ipfs 0.4.18. I get “ERR_ENCRYPTION_FAILED”.

Is is possible to connect a js-libp2p node (1.2.1) to a go-ipfs node (v0.4.18)?

Hello @msalimbene ,

Yes! It is possible. I think the Universal Connectivity project is the best example for you to learn from. It has peers written in js-libp2p, rust-libp2p, and go-libp2p that all connect and form a chat room. There was a demo of this app at IPFSþing 2023

I hope this helps!

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I’ve asked this same question in a github issue and perhaps the problem is that go-ipfs version I have is quite old:

I do see that in libp2p I’m using Noise as encryption method, but the ipfs configuration of the nodes have no apparent encryption. So, not quite sure, but there could be a problem there.

Having an old version of go-libp2p could be the issues. Also, some cryptography handshakes require that your system clock be set correctly. Check those.

Cheers! :beers:

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I’ve tried with a the latest version of kubo-ipfs, but the issue persist. I’ve read in the docs that in kubo-ipfs Noise is enabled by default, but I don’t see it on the nodes config. Could the issue be related to that?