Welcome to the libp2p discussion forums! (banner topic)

libp2p is a modular networking stack that powers a large number of peer-to-peer applications. It provides plumbing such as peer discovery, routing, addressing, connectivity, security, etc., so you can focus on building your P2P app/platform on top of a solid stack.

This forum brings together users, implementers, contributors, researchers, and curious minds to engage with one another and spark synergies. Make sure to post under the relevant category:

  • Users & developers: if you’re building with libp2p.
  • Implementers & contributors: if you’re building libp2p itself.
  • Research & paper discussions.
  • Ecosystem & community: tell us about your project, or announce meetups and other events.
  • News & announcements.

The libp2p community is open, accessible, inclusive, and collaborative. Please help us keep it that way!