Libp2p tutorial to start from the scratch

TL, DR: I have been working on awesome interactive js-libp2p tutorial ( I am looking for other enthusiasts who would like to contribute to this open-source project !

Hello Libp2p enthusiasts,
I have been trying to learn libp2p since I worked on the libp2p bounty in the eth-hack zwei and to be honest it has been extremely difficult to understand the complete architecture of the codebase. The modularity of the system add a lot of complexity as compare to traditional frameworks. After going through all the material online, reading the code base and documentation multiple times, I realised there is a strict need to have a detailed tutorial that makes the user get started with libp2p easily. I was highly inspire with Substrate-Kitties and Crypto-Zombie because of there simplicity and wanted something similar. I also found jslibp2p-chat-example as a very good start!

I have been able to come up with an initial draft of the tutorial with few chapters and there sketches, check it out here ( I am looking for libp2p community, developers to review my current project, support me build this quickly.

I am super excited how this would affect on boarding of new libp2p users!


@shresthagrawal Hey, awesome stuff!

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@raul thanks! I am trying to build a community around it. I have a group of college students, two friends from marlin, @vasa from SimpleAsWater working on it. I hope this helps other Libp2p enthusiasts!