Unable to run test-plans for gossipsub in testground

Hi, are there any updated test-plans for stress testing gossipsub using testground. I am trying to run the pubsub test plan in testground on a linux vm through the local:docker runner, but it doesn’t work and throws internal go package errors. I’ve tried making modifications to the test-plan for supporting go1.16 but still doesn’t work. Here is the updated repo. Also, in my local machine (apple m1), it doesn’t show the go package error as in linux, but isn’t able to run the sidecar docker container throwing the below error.

sidecar worker failed: failed to initialise the container: failed to get handle to network namespace: protocol family not supported	{"host": "unix:///var/run/docker.sock", "container": "..."}

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Lmk if you require additional info.