Ghost node to listen and write messages in pub-sub

I wanted to define a “ghost-node” which would allow testing both pub-sub and 1-1 communication between nodes of different type. The ghost-node would behave as a node type X and help in testing node type Y that expects certain messages from X and publishes certain messages to X via pub-sub and 1-1 commn.

This is similar to the wire-tap pattern (

All nodes are docker containers. I was wondering if there is something out-of-the-box that libp2p already for such integration testing with dockers.


Hey @vishal, I’m not following the use case. If you could elaborate with more detail, it would help.
Concerning p2p systems, I highly encourage you to take a look at Testground: Amongst other things, it allows you write test plans and deploy them as Docker images to a k8s cluster.