Some of the peers returned by GetPeerInfos() have no address

I’m currently testing a content-based pubsub for my master thesis. I use go-libp2p-kad-dht as the routing base for my pubsub and testground to evaluate the system.

My problem is that once I surpass 50 nodes at testground, these new nodes’ addresses are not present at those nodes PeerInfo on the other peer’s routing tables. Don’t know if these is a resources problem, or system problem, or related to testground. Currently i’ve a high-load scenario that uses almost all the resources my laptop supports, but in the low-load scenario I have this problem. The bootstrapping mechanism i’m using is similar to the one at libp2p/test-plan for the dht.

Would like to know if there is some problem with my testplan before scaling the experience to a aws-cluster.

pedroaston/contentpubsub: A golang implementation of a content-based PubSub middleware over IPFS content routing (

pedroaston/contentps-test: Testground’s plan for testing my content-based pub-sub middleware over IPFS’ DHT (

This must be happening because the laptop I use is slowing down when i have close to 50 nodes, that might activate an undetected race condition. To follow the problem check this issue:

Some Kademlia’s peers don’t have address · Issue #746 · libp2p/go-libp2p-kad-dht (