Searching for Documentation for .NET

Hello, my name is Baptiste, I’m French and I’ve been doing .net for a while. Currently, I have a project that I consider to have been achieved. The objective of this project is to set up a decentralized network. I’d like to do this in C# with .Net on libp2p’s implementation
Nethermind which would look pretty good to me. But the problem arises that it doesn’t seem to me to have any real documentation. can you redirect me to a place to accomplish my goal ?

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Hello Baptiste,

I’m Dave, the libp2p Community Architect. I’d be happy to get you connected with the .net-libp2p team. The primary maintainer of .net-libp2p is @flcl42. If you jump onto Telegram and send me I can get you connected to flcl42 on there.

To answer your question directly, here is the documentation for .net-libp2p. It’s a bit sparse right now which is why I would like to get you connected to @flcl42. You can also ask technical questions in the .net-libp2p discussion forum on Github

I hope this helps.

Cheers! :beers:


Hi Dave :grinning:

yes if there is a way to put me in contact with him, it would be cool.

I just want to know if the .Net implementation is reliable and stable.

Find me on TG: Telegram: Contact @dwgrantham

I just send this thread to @flcl42 on TG.

it’s good, i have add you in telegram.

I have a lot of questions to ask I don’t hide from you. :laughing: :brain:

Hi Baptiste! The library is approaching beta level of quality, some projects that require reliable long term runs use it already. The docs are outdated a bit, because the API is being changed rn. Samples should work

Join us in tg: Telegram: Contact @dotnet_libp2p, and ask there or in PM any questions! I’m also happy to help with any issues or lack of protocol features.

Beta with all basic stuff working well should be available soon, I hope, this summer


ok, i’m going to send you a message on TG then : D