Paid assistance

I’m trying to find someone compitent to help out as a mentor with libp2p, we’re working on a networking application and are right now stuck on the SSL issue with servers. But I would like to find someone who can work on a fee model or other to help get us up to speed.

You mean certificates for browsers? This has been discussed.

yes ive read these additional examples and understand the basic principle but still having issues.

more than just help with this one issue i would like to have contact with a mentor who can help solve issues as they arise, or talk to when needed.

That issue is a web administration one, not specific to libp2p. See my new comments to that posting.

My initial, after I thought about why I reacted that way, instinct was that rarity is a thing of the past. If anything from the past two years has shown. For example, would you believe me if I told you there was someone who used their hands during the TP shortage?

…So no, the type of work you’re asking for isn’t a paid position. Neither is helping you select the best PC at the big box store, nor is it even necessary to pay anything for the PC… there are simply too many PCs already, they aren’t *rare enough to work a job you hate to pay for one. The grocery store also, no need to pay for something so plentiful it’s growing on trees.

There are ppl who will do all this and more, simply because they like doing it. We all need something to keep busy with, and I can think nothing better than following the teachings of Christ and helping a stranger.

Your money is simply no good and won’t do.

  • You’ll note this is particularity good example, as you can’t get parts for one unless you agree to being mugged.