New LoRa infrastructure

Hi everybody! I’m working on a new, fully free and fully open source, LoRa infrastructure. What I would like to create is a network of distributed Chirpstack ( servers connected between each other over internet. I searched for a fully free alternative to The Things Stack or Helium but it looks like all of them requires payments for commercial solutions.

To maintain the whole infrastructure without asking any contribute, even for commercial solutions, I’m developing a new type of LoRa access point (made by using a Raspberry and a LoRa concentrator) running a Chirpstack server with on top an application server to connect all this severs between each other in a single infrastructure.

Searching around I found the libp2p stack that can also manage symmetric NAT through circuit relay and looks like perfect for such a system. Do you have any hints for me to learn fast how to create a custom P2P network with libp2p and any suggestion regarding which language I should use between Rust, go, js or python?

:wave: examples folder will help you get started. In regards to the language, depends on your use-case and preference. I am not sure py-libp2p is still actively maintained.