Java implementation

When the java implementation of lib2p will be released?

FreeNet is written in Java. I’d actually love to be able to write a FreeNet client in Rust… or even be able to understand the Java.

I don’t see why libp2p would be a good target if using Java.

Do you know any other alternative than FreeNet?The lib2p team says that in their site that java implementation “coming soon” do you know when?

I do not and am generally not familiar with libp2p. Academically, I’m curious as to what’s wrong with FreeNet.

If you are not familiar with lib2p why did you ruin my question and give an answer

I didn’t want to see it have 0 replies for months. I’m replying to every post, just to improve the numbers, I like the numbers.

You answer just to write something if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge also this post is 5 days old. Anyways does anyone knows when the java implementation will be released?

Στις Τρί, 9 Νοε 2021, 9:55 μ.μ. ο χρήστης Mike Mestnik via libp2p <> έγραψε:

I’m writing mainly because I’m super curious why it matters, is it a Coke VS Pepsi thing? I looked at the FreeNet codebase and it’s easy to read. The reason it stumped me is that once you get to the std library, the documentation I had was vague enough where I’d have to write example applications to learn what the code does. I don’t know how to setup a Java compiler, the documentation was vague, ultimately I gave up.

“appropriate knowledge” is subjective, so any amount of knowledge(even zero) can be identified as the appropriate amount. I did give a good answer, no? With all the posts on this thread, someone will get curious and check it for Spam.

I guess libp2p is split by two major implementations. One starves the other for resources, but ?neither? dies. I pity the community split 3 ways.