Introducing Kairos 1.6: Get ready to boot with AuroraBoot!

Kairos is a cloud-native meta-Linux distribution that brings the power of public cloud to your on-premises environment. With Kairos, you can build your own cloud with complete control and no vendor lock-in. It allows you to easily spin up a Kubernetes cluster with the Linux distribution of your choice, and manage the entire cluster lifecycle with Kubernetes.

Kairos uses libp2p to co-ordinate cluster creation autonomously, and establish a p2p VPN between the nodes.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Kairos 1.6.0, featuring a new tool that simplifies the bootstrapping process of Kairos nodes, AuroraBoot! With various bugfixes and improvements, this release is a preparation for the v2.0.0 release, which will contain changes to the Kairos core components.

AuroraBoot simplifies and streamlines the process of bootstrapping Kairos nodes, making it easy and efficient to deploy Kairos manually or automatically. Whether you need to prepare multiple nodes in a lab, or deploy Kairos on a single machine, AuroraBoot is the tool for you allowing to boot straight from a container image. It can also be used to preprepare airgapped environments, with customized ISOs for your deployments at the edge.

You can check out a presentation on how Kairos uses libp2p and a live demo of Kairos, libp2p and AuroraBoot for zero touch deployments in action: Kairos libp2p - YouTube (the example demo is in the description).

In addition to AuroraBoot, we have integrated documentation and syntax check into our Web UI installer, added support for Rocky Linux among the k3s releases, and made improvements to our UX, you can check the latest release notes here: Kairos release v1.6 | Kairos.

A big thanks to all the contributors and users for making Kairos better with each release!