Documenting libp2p Roadmap

Drawing attention to libp2p/specs#339 here documenting both long term (Visionary) and short term (Evolve) goals for the libp2p project.

Give it a read. Feedback is most welcome. Exciting times ahead!

Table of Contents

  • Visionary
    • 🖧 Decentralizing networks
    • :shushing_face: A spyproof libp2p
    • :iphone: libp2p in mobile devices
    • :bulb: libp2p in IoT
    • :mortar_board: libp2p as a platform for Networks Research & Innovation
    • :ambulance: Self-healing networks
    • :postbox: Offline message queue / postbox
    • :robot_face: libp2p as a WASM library
  • Evolve
    • :handshake: Low latency, efficient connection handshake
    • :spider_web: Unprecedented global connectivity
    • Peer Routing Records
    • :speaking_head_in_silhouette: Polite peering
    • :bricks: Composable routing
    • :bomb: Attack resistance, threat models and security
    • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Proving we are scalable and interoperable
    • :globe_with_meridians: Browser use cases
    • :thermometer: Opt-in telemetry protocol
    • :envelope_with_arrow: Message-oriented transports
    • :phone: Reducing the dial fail rate
    • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Peer exchange protocol
    • :bow_and_arrow: RPC and other common node communication patterns

(Note: This is based on previous roadmapping work.)

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Hi @mxinden, Is there someone working on the “libp2p in mobile devices” track? I would like to contribute and make some headway. I’d like to join forces if there’s existing work on this.

@dennyabrain thanks for your interest.

There are a couple of ongoing efforts (naming a few below), though there is no dedicated track or working group.

Is there a specific project, feature or language you would like to contribute to?

When it comes to mobile development, my familiarity is with the Android platform. I am comfortable with Java, React native and Kotlin i decreasing order of proficiency. For a personal project where p2p and multi-platform mobile apps might be useful, I’d been looking at Flutter/Dart as a possible contender too.

I’ve been going through the libp2p documentation and trying to understand the various components needed. I believe making a proof of concept for android might be where i begin.

Thank you for sharing these projects. I’ll see what i can learn from them.

@mxinden is there any active security track (in line with the “Attack resistance, threat models and security” goal listed on the long-term plan)?

I am not sure I understand the question. Are you asking whether there is any ongoing security research?

Yes, and in specific is there any ongoing research on spam protection for gossipsub (in addition to peer scoring)?

gossipsub is pretty good at compating spam if you have a good validator. Is there something specific you have in mind?

In peer scoring, it is not possible to globally identify and remove network spammers. An alternative solution, which is explained in the following post, can do so and might interest the libp2p community: Privacy-preserving p2p economic spam protection