Documenting libp2p Roadmap

Drawing attention to libp2p/specs#339 here documenting both long term (Visionary) and short term (Evolve) goals for the libp2p project.

Give it a read. Feedback is most welcome. Exciting times ahead!

Table of Contents

  • Visionary
    • 🖧 Decentralizing networks
    • :shushing_face: A spyproof libp2p
    • :iphone: libp2p in mobile devices
    • :bulb: libp2p in IoT
    • :mortar_board: libp2p as a platform for Networks Research & Innovation
    • :ambulance: Self-healing networks
    • :postbox: Offline message queue / postbox
    • :robot_face: libp2p as a WASM library
  • Evolve
    • :handshake: Low latency, efficient connection handshake
    • :spider_web: Unprecedented global connectivity
    • Peer Routing Records
    • :speaking_head_in_silhouette: Polite peering
    • :bricks: Composable routing
    • :bomb: Attack resistance, threat models and security
    • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Proving we are scalable and interoperable
    • :globe_with_meridians: Browser use cases
    • :thermometer: Opt-in telemetry protocol
    • :envelope_with_arrow: Message-oriented transports
    • :phone: Reducing the dial fail rate
    • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Peer exchange protocol
    • :bow_and_arrow: RPC and other common node communication patterns

(Note: This is based on previous roadmapping work.)