Confusion about deployment to a production environment and networking - any examples or documentation?

Hi there, it seems like most of the documentation shows how to setup libp2p on localhost. I’m not really clear exactly how you deploy this to production? I’ve combed through the docs and can’t actually find anything that shows after developing locally how to deploy anything (or maybe it’s not clear how a js client would find a node.js libp2p instance?)

My use case is:
I have a browser-based mutiplayer game. I want peers in the same room to broadcast to each other their positions in x and y. Do I need some node.js based libp2p process running? Or can they communicate directly?

I see this example, libp2p in the browser, has a section deploying to production, yet the link is dead.

I know this is kind of a general question but I’d just like to get a grasp high level how this communication would work when out in the real world/production