Compile time error after upgrading to go-libp2p v0.14.1

I am using the following Go version,
go version go1.13.4 darwin/amd64
and after upgrading Libp2p to v0.14.1 from v0.13.0, I run into this compile time errors -

failed to load package qtls: could not load export data: no export data for “
imports module found (v0.21.0), but does not contain package|

Will appreciate any insights.


Update your version of Go, go-libp2p requires a minimum of Go1.15 at the moment go-libp2p/go.mod at 779acf93235066e372039430dfd9a6ba4959ed30 · libp2p/go-libp2p · GitHub.

Note: in general the project tries to make sure it works with the latest two versions of Go (today 1.16 and 1.15) so you should try and keep your version of Go up to date.