Comment a topic(related to Web3.0) on which you would like a Tutorial

I’m creating an RFC for writing tutorials that the community wants.

The topic can be related to anything related to Web3. Either you want a small sample implementation of a Transport or are having a problem with any module or just want to understand how things work under the hood. Well, basically anything.

The idea here is to begin a collaborative effort via which we can add more examples and tutorials for newcomers and contributors like us who are having problems, and placing them under one hood so that we don’t reinvent the wheel by discussing and solving the same problems again and again.

This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for spearheading it!

@raul @jacobheun @yusef

Can you suggest some examples that have not been covered in the current docs?

  • Using Libp2p for cross-platform, cross-transport communication : This is a big area to be explored. There are not a lot of examples regarding communication between different platforms like Browsers, devices like laptops which can support multiple communication transports, resource-restricted devices with only a few or single transport(s) available, Embedded systems, etc.
  • Playing with different multiplexing and security implementations : More examples here with specific use-cases.

Here is a discussion thread, from where we will create RFCs for potential use-cases and exmaples: