Co-found a Gamified Web 3 network with user-driven value distribution

Hello everyone,

My name is Lucian Apetrei. I am the founder of gratitudetoken .world and I run a Romanian startup named WEB 3 AMBASSADORS, currently focusing on addressing the shortcomings of centralized social media platforms, especially since the Web 2 advertising business model is failing and their switch to a subscription model is just not going to cut it.

I am a full stack dev, my main stack is JS based, basically JS and nodejs.

We believe in decentralizing code, infrastructure, and business models.

We protect software and future access to it by using the GNU GPL 3.0 License on all the code we write.

Our solutions are designed to empower users and we are integrating with Blockchain technology and AI to take things to the next level. We are about giving back ownership and allowing users to break free from 9 to 5 jobs and just share what they love with the world and get the financial support they need in the fastest possible time from lots and lots of people (the simulations mentioned later are evidence of this).

This is why I am currently working on a Web 3 dApp - not decided on a name yet, but it’s what I call “Beyond Social Media” - a Gamified Web 3 network with user-driven value distribution.

I finished the current front-end milestone (UI/UX) before the deadline (31 Dec 2023). Check it out at (not the final domain or names).

I also like to take decisions using science / data, especially for complicated things like tokenomics, so I created these simulations: (work in progress) to try and find the answer to 2 important questions:

  1. What is the best algorithm to organically distribute value and information uniformly across a network of users? (User-2-User or Decentralized)
  2. What is the most sustainable way of doing this?

I think I’m onto a good answer.

For this project we will use a very advanced, fast, secure, feeless american blockchain called XPR Network. Way better than Ethereum. See: xprnetwork .org

Currently looking for a co-founder / angel that can help us accelerate development, especially of the back-end and decentralized/distributed content storage solutions/technologies that we want to use.

I think if we work together we can build something amazing for generation Z which is about 30% of the human population (2B people) - and I think that eventually, they will onboard the rest of the world.

After a lot of research I arrived at libp2p and currently trying to figure out a way to host 100% of the content and user specific info of this dApp client side - through a web based app, either in the browser on within mobile apps.

Don’t be shy, grab some video time with me on my linktr .ee/lucianape3 - Would enjoy connecting with the libp2p team.

With lots of Gratitude,
Lucian Apetrei

Thanks for introducing yourself, Lucian. You sound like a smart coder. We (the libp2p team) would also enjoy connecting with you. Why don’t you drop into our Slack channel sometime and say hello: Filecoin Slack #libp2p-implementers