Squid-game layer 2 gaming solution using libp2p Rust

Hi everyone,

It is really great to be here and I’m very excited to start my journey with libp2p. I’m looking for some guidance on a gaming layer 2 solution we would like to build using/on top of libp2p. The style of game would be a squid-game/tournament elimination type of game. Every player would be playing the game using their mobile device.

This is an example of the kind of game it would be, imagine a tournament of rock paper scissors, where N number of people joined and started playing until 1 winner was left. so if it were 1 million people, the winner would have to beat 20 people to get to 1st place.

We’re using Flutter for our mobile app, any recommendations on how we would go about building this with libp2p? Also, anyone that is interested in being part of this project, please message me, would love to work with others on this. We want this project to be open source and help pave the way for many kinds of games like this.



I’ve been thinking about games built on libp2p and I really think the game-design must accommodate the decentralized nature of the network.

In your example, without a central coordinator pairing people for matches might be the hardest thing to do.

Compared with centralized solution the easy and hard part to build are radically different. Keep this in mind.


Sure, we’ll keep it in mind. We have some ideas around getting pairing working, do you have anything else that can help us here?