Chat Example: No Private Network Protector

As mentioned in the docs and example, chat application works as expected in Windows, but in MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu), below error is thrown.

2022-03-12T02:52:03.569+0530 ERROR p2p-config config/config.go:113 tried to create a libp2p node with no Private Network Protector but usage of Private Networks is forced by the environment

2022/03/12 02:52:03 privnet: private network was not configured but is enforced by the environment

Any help/clarity will be appreciated. Thanks.

Got it resolved.
Earlier on the same machine, I tried setting up a private IPFS Network, for which I had set the env LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET=1

After changing it to 0, the issue was resolved. Hope that helps. Thanks.