Any information about post-quantum cryptography in libp2p

I’ve been interested in data security for a while now, i2p in particulae, but I’ve been really let down by their lack of interest in post quantum cryptography. I believe this project could be a great foundation for the future of the post quantum internet if it were to implement said cryptography. Are there any plans on doing so? And does anyone else share my interest in adding such features to libp2p, because I would be more than glad to help any way I can.

Note: English is not my first language and so please excuse my poor style and incorrect terms if there are any.

Hello @KyleMad ,

Thanks for your post. I believe the reason why you’re not seeing a lot of PQ algorithms in software—especially libp2p—is because they are still in active research and development. There are only a few PQ algorithms that have held up to academic scrutiny and many that have failed. Once the state of the art progresses to a point where engineers have confidence in them, then you’ll start to see adoption. The best thing we can do is code to abstractions over underlying cryptography implementations so that we can easily swap out a non-PQ algorithm and replace it with a PQ algorithm in the future. This algorithmic agility is in the implementations of libp2p.


It’s great to hear about your interest in data security, particularly with i2p, but you’re disappointed by their lack of focus on post-quantum cryptography. You believe i2p could lay a strong foundation for the future of a post-quantum internet if it adopts these cryptographic techniques.