Reduce duplicate pubsub messages

I am building a network with ~500 nodes running on gossipsub. I collected some tracestat on one of my nodes. The result shows 5x of duplicate messages, does it make sense? I am trying to reduce duplicate messages thus the network traffic. Any parameters I can adjust in my pubsub setting?

For example, this is one of the summary.

=== Trace Summary ===
Peers: 1
Topics: mytopic
Published Messages: 4824
Delivered Messages: 141336
Duplicate Messages: 672758
Rejected Messages: 36132
Sent RPCs: 660649
Dropped RPCs: 870

This is normal with the default D, and it’s not particularly high. Trying to reduce the duplicate messages would also reduce the redundancy of the protocol.

– vyzo

Understood. So I can reduce the D to reduce a bit of the duplicate, as my network is relatively stable and with good connections.

Hopefully Episub (specs) will further reduce the duplication of messages.