Proposal to deprecate libp2p deprecate pnet/PSK

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Do you currently make use of pre-shared key functionality to create private libp2p network?

There鈥檚 a proposal which considers deprecating it here:
:point_right: Proposal: deprecate pnet / PSK 路 Issue #489 路 libp2p/specs 路 GitHub :point_left:

It outlines drawbacks, motivations to deprecate, and possible alternatives.

Please reply here and/or in the linked GitHub issue if you currently rely on it.
This will help the libp2p maintainers understand user needs. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

My 2c worth:

  • Not needing a extra (external) dependency and the setup cost of a VPN is a big plus for LibP2P.
  • The pnet is great as an optional module but it would be awesome if there were more modules that achieve similar things with different tradeoffs that could be used in conjunction with each other (e.g. as others have suggested peer whitelist or post-handshake auth).
  • It would be good if there was a built in way to participate in both the public network and (multiple) private networks (possibly using different membership protection) at the same time.

I personally use pnet just as a LibP2P VPN.

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