Libp2p talks & gathering @ Paris P2P Festival - Sign Up!

:wave: Hi all! Many from the PL EngRes team, which includes many of the maintainers of libp2p, ipfs, and IPLD, as well as researchers and research engineers will be headed to the Paris P2P Festival for the April 27 - May 1 event. Various team members will be giving talks and hosting workshops.

The exact schedule is still being figured out, but you can expect talks (and perhaps hands-on tutorials, if schedule allows) on: libp2p’s current state, vision and roadmap, latest updates on libp2p’s NAT hole-punching, browser connectivity challenges and lipb2p’s WebRTC advances, as well as latest results from a big measurement campaign on the IPFS network. We’ll update this post when schedule is live.

We’d love to see you there to get a chance to connect and learn together!

We’re also in-progress on organizing a community social gathering. The specifics are being figured out and relevant links will be posted here. There will be food, drink, and socializing at the minimum.

Again, we’d welcome you to sign up for the event. For now, please block the dates in your calendar and we’ll update here as more information rolls in. Good times!


Hi folks, you can now RSVP for the social event, which will take place on Friday 29th April, through this page: libp2p & IPFS Social Gathering in Paris, Fri, Apr 29, 2022, 7:30 PM | Meetup

The final schedule for the event is out! \o/

Check it out here: Paris P2P Festival #1 - Paris P2P and sign up in the meetup events for each day here:

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