Libp2p Day Presentations and Speaking Opportunities

Hi everybody,

As you know, we are super excited for the first ever libp2p Day on October 30th! To get ready, we’ve begun planning the presentations and workshops.

For full transparency, we’d like to share our rough draft of presentation ideas here. What’s more, we hope that you will help shape libp2p Day by requesting presentations on topics you want to learn more about or volunteer to give a presentation yourself!

Much of libp2p’s success is thanks to community contributions and engagement, and the same can be said of libp2p Day. We’d love your suggestions on how to make this day as valuable and engaging as possible.

Here is the working list of talks we plan to give:

  • Intro to libp2p: helping with real world application problems
  • Browser connectivity state of the union and demo
  • Overview of nim-libp2p (given by Tanguy of the Nim libp2p team! :tada:)
  • A month in PL EngRes libp2p Development and how you can be involved
  • Testground + libp2p
  • DoS protection (specific to go-libp2p and Lotus)
  • DoS mitigation (specific to rust-libp2p)
  • libp2p from the ground up
  • libp2p and Wasm

We’re working to confirm these talks and create a schedule. Until then, please suggest topics you’d like to hear about.

You can also register to speak by filling out the Speaker Application here and selecting the “libp2p Builders” track.

For speakers, send us a short blurb about your topic, and, if possible, a link to the presentation. You may reply here or send an email to

Keep in mind that your talk

  • Should be around 10 minutes long, and not more than 15 minutes.
  • Should be about peer to peer applications (even if not directly related to libp2p).

And of course, please register if you haven’t already done so!

libp2p Day is a part of IPFS Camp and you can get your tickets here:

Message us if you’re interested in only attending libp2p day and we can share with you a code for reduced cost.



Hey everybody :wave: ,

It’s been a few weeks and we’ve made significant progress in putting together the libp2p Day Schedule! :partying_face:

:mega: If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, they’re available at: IPFS Camp 2022 :mega:

On October 30th, libp2p Day will run from at 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. WET (Western European Summer Time)
The presentation schedule thusfar is as follows:

Main Track 10 A.M. - 1 P.M.

Unconf Sessions[1] 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.

  • Intro to Lodestar - @wemeetagain (Blockchain Engineer at Chainsafe Systems)

  • WebRTC signaling data over QR codes (or “Who needs a signaling server?”) - @AquiGorka (Tech lead at Gather)

  • Formal Analysis of GossipSub - @ankitu (PhD student at Northeastern University)

  • How Pyrsia is using libp2p to take over the world - @efrisch (Blockchain Developer at JFrog)

  • DOS defense - do’s and dont’s - @mxinden (rust-libp2p Maintainer)

  • The power of two choices: Why the Kademlia binary tree isn’t balanced and what we can do about it - @PetarMaymounkov (Senior Research Engineer at PL, co-author of Kademlia)

As you can see our schedule is filling out; the libp2p team is excited to present these topics and meet everyone in person. We hope to see you on libp2p Day at IPFS Camp!

Cheers! :beers:

  1. The Unconf (Unconference) Session timeslot is an opportunity for community members to suggest topics they’d like to speak or learn more about. Talks & topics can be prepared in advance or off the cuff! ↩︎