Libp2p based Transport for etcd Raft Implementation

Hi,I am trying to implement a libp2p based transport for etcd raft.
Are there any reference implementation’s available apart from ipfs Cluster ?

@vasa @raul


Hi @rahullenkala

I also only know ipfs-cluster as a reference implementation for go-libp2p-raft.

I don’t know if there is a way to see which modules include go-libp2p-raft module. But, anyways, IPFS Cluster is the most mature project using go-libp2p-raft.

If you have any implementation-related questions, then you can ask @hector. He would be happy to help you out :slight_smile:


go-libp2p-raft provides a hashicorp.Raft’s transport. Back in the day, it seemed that hashicorp’s Raft implementation was saner, with the right interfaces for this. Having a quick look over etcd today I can’t quite see how I would start a peer with a custom network transport. might come handy though.