Is there any discussion on how we should unify the interface for TCP and UDP transports?

I searched for UDP transports and it seems there are js and go versions, but both not look ready. Is there any discussion or direction for us(py-libp2p) to implement UDP transport? Really appreciate!


I think JS and Go UDP transports are ready, but they are not in the repos you linked.

The logic either moved to another repo, or is in the core code.

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Good timing! I’m currently working on a proposal/prototype for packet oriented libp2p. Packet orientation brings about new requirements (and relaxes others.) Following that, packet oriented libp2p will exist as a separate subsystem. I am on a train at the moment but will link some updates on the work soon!

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@bigs I see. Thanks for your information.

packet oriented libp2p will exist as a separate subsystem

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Do you mean it will exist in its own repository/module like go-tcp-transport? Or do you mean it will be used separately from the current libp2p codebase?

Here’s the document I mentioned. It will be parallel to the existing codebase and will share many features, but will inherently geared towards messaging and provide support for transports like UDP without guarantees surrounding delivery or ordering.

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Big thanks to your link and the explanation! For the document, it seems I don’t have the permission to view it. I’ve already sent the permission request. Thank you.