Get updates about pinned files on IPFS node

Hello everyone!

I need some help with libp2p.

I have an IPFS node and its multiaddress so I can connect to it .
If I add a file via ipfs add foo or ipfs pin on this node, can I somehow use libp2p or dht to get a notification about this along with the CID (on other machine/IP)?

I tried to log some dht info in the code below, but it logs nothing about dht :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

const node = await Libp2p.create({
        addresses: {
            listen: ['/ip4/'],
        modules: {
            transport: [TCP],
            connEncryption: [NOISE],
            streamMuxer: [Mplex],
            peerDiscovery: [Bootstrap],
            dht: kaddht,
        config: {
            peerDiscovery: {
                bootstrap: {
                    interval: 60e3,
                    enabled: true,
                    list: ['NODE_MULTIADDR]
            dht: {
                enabled: true,
                clientMode: false,

    node.connectionManager.on('peer:connect', (connection) => {
        console.log('Connection established to: ', connection.remotePeer.toB58String())

    node.on('peer:discovery', (peerId) => {
        console.log('Discovered: ', peerId.toB58String())

    await node.start()

    await node.handle(['/ipfs/kad/1.0.0'], async props  => {

Is it event possible? Does dht provide such feature?

The only way I see this being possible is by continously checking for the availability of the concrete data from the second node.