Cargo fmt version


When I clone the rust-libp2p repo and then run cargo fmt the formatter ‘fixes’ 169 files. Clearly I’m using the wrong formatter. I tried stable and nightly with the same result. I don’t see a rust-toolchain file in the repo. Am I doing something wrong?

rustc --version
rustc 1.41.1 (f3e1a954d 2020-02-24)

cargo --version
cargo 1.41.0 (626f0f40e 2019-12-03)

cargo fmt --version
rustfmt 1.4.11-stable (1838235 2019-12-03)

cargo +nightly --version
cargo 1.43.0-nightly (bda50510d 2020-03-02)

cargo +nightly fmt --version
rustfmt 1.4.12-nightly (9f53665 2020-02-10)