What event should be awaited before sending a content discovery request?

Hi all,

As far as I have understood from my experimentations,
when a new node reaches an established network, and queries for some content,
it has to wait for some time before doing so,
otherwise the query fails in a couple of milliseconds.

My question is:
is there a formal event (less empirical than just await for some time)
that we could rely on before sending the first content discovery request?


Let me known if that could be interesting that I give a report of my experimentations in this thread.

I’ve tried to read through libp2p logs, but I can’t figure out the mechanics from it.

I can see log lines telling that GET_PROVIDERS messages are sent from one node and received on other nodes, but I see no log lines for info returned that could explain why certain queries fail and others succeed.

I see also a couple of ERR_MPLEX_STREAM_RESET errors, but those don’t seem to make my queries fail. Is this the regular behaviour?

Debug filter used : libp2p*,-libp2p:mplex*,-libp2p:noise*

Thanks for any help.

Experimentations tracked in a dedicated repo: GitHub - Alexis-ROYER/js-libp2p-content-routing-delay: Test project - investigations on js-libp2p content routing delays

See js-libp2p#950.