Stanford Seminar - Tiny functions for codecs, compilation, and (maybe) soon everything

I wanted to post this after discovering the libp2p transport that enables browser-to-server, and server-to-server, direct communication over WebRTC without requiring signalling servers:

This got me thinking and led me to a seminar from Stanford recorded last year:

(Professor Keith Winstein is a bit of a legend)

In conjunction with LibP2P, I think there is a world of new use cases to be discovered.

Watch the video and have a think about the possibilities.

We have been thinking about leveraging relay connections to achieve NAT hole punching without signalling servers.

Great talk! The last part really blew my mind, but I’m not sure I understood very well all they managed/want to parallelize everything in the last part.

Thislast part makes me think about the WebOS moonshot and partly this: