Pub/Sub with multiple terminals

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to publish a file in one terminal and I want other terminals can get the file.

I use this example here
In this example nodes are created in a single js file but I need to call them from different terminals.

async function createNode() {
  const node = await Libp2p.create({
    addresses: {
    listen: ['/ip4/']
  modules: {
    transport: [ TCP ],
    streamMuxer: [ Mplex ],
    connEncryption: [ NOISE ],
    pubsub: Gossipsub
  await node.start()
  return node

const topic = 'news'
const node =await createNode();
node.pubsub.on(topic, (msg) => {
  console.log(`node received: ${toString(}`)
await node.pubsub.subscribe(topic)

setInterval(() => {
  node.pubsub.publish(topic, fromString('Bird bird bird, bird is the word!'))
}, 1000)

I call this js file with command ‘node peer.js’ in two different terminals but Nodes cannot see each other.

How can I make it that I subscribe and publish a file between two terminals?