Peer ID from pkcs8 pem public key

What’s the easiest way to go from a pkcs8-pem-formatted public key to a peer ID base58 multihash (“QmWhatever”)? It looks like js-libp2p-crypto’s crypto.keys.import only accepts private keys and that’s the only thing I found to ingest PEMs.

For context:
I’m building a social network where your public key is central to your identity, so I’d rather keep them in a well-established standard format like pkcs8-pem than the libp2p protobuf-encoded format. One reason is that if this file changes I don’t want users’ main unique identifier to change. (right?)

I think it would be ideal to export some methods from crypto to help make this easier to do, and should probably happen with the privatekey improvement The supportedKeys methods used in libp2p-crypto are exported so they could be used as they are here,, but you’d have to specify the key type, where the protobuf keeps track of that.

Something to note, the protobuf file should not change in a breaking manner. New key types might get added, but those will be backwards compatible changes. Breaking compatibility on that would be a huge issue for the network so we will avoid that at all costs. If it ever needs to happen, we’ll create a migration path.

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Oh, I didn’t realize that about the protobufs. It seems like using those will be much easier then, thank you!