New type: MultiaddrWithId

I propose to add a new type: MultiaddrWithId which is essentially a multiaddr + peer id.
Note: peer id is a Qm + base58(sha256(public key)) (


For example.
Listen will accept Multiaddress, but Dial will accept MultiaddrWithId. Because just looking at the source code it is not clear where MultiaddrWithId should be used.

P.S. Looking for a better name for this primitive.

^^ this is actually a valid multiaddr. Multiaddrs not only describe network location and protocol info, but also identity (/p2p), routing (/p2p-circuit) and in the future, security (e.g. /secio, /noise, /tls).

BTW: Have a look at the PeerInfo type in go-libp2p; I think it’s close to what you describe.

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the peerstore module also has utilities to convert between PeerInfo and these multiaddreses (and back).