I am facing one issue. Please help me for that

In Libp2p I am putting data to DHT. When I am sharing any transaction object like this

        "transaction_id": "OkybUNAVLzYh3QouA24oLS3GhtRSBl",
        "from_account": "aca46912e9ad4e7b078a9f5d978ed599f599d0e47dccc403d06564da6e07720a",
        "to_account": "9b870ad21081be1914136549a97a8beb7ca9c6a97bee06dcd7f8e76fbd495e7e",
        "amount": 511,
        "signature": "ac1398e15263a9d7a48c118404c928c66573ca82ffcf0e101ad2d65b868054f01c5704bf4e1a70ba346d68de9d71b07944456b74967ae54b07b4caf47dfd210e"

I can store one transaction under one key. But I want to store the multiple txn data under one key.
I can store upto 40 transaction under same key. But I want to more than that

Looking for sizing guidelines and things like if nodes take size into account when shrinking things. I suggested using multiple keys with a kdf, including some redundancy.