Libp2p windows "Strong host model"

i tried to run libp2p with different examples on the docs but it did not work i tried the ping pong one and many other the error i was getting “failed to listen on any addresses: [listen tcp4 bind: The requested address is not valid in its context.]”
after researching about it i found out it is because of the strong host model i want to use libp2p to create a server for my mod but i can’t get it working because of this

Hello and welcome to the libp2p community!

Which implementation of libp2p are you using? I have a very simple ping-pong like example in rust-libp2p that allows you to run peers that dial each other and use request-response to communicate. This example is designed to be as simple as possible: GitHub - dhuseby/rr-dial-peer: Same as rr-peer but dials peers directly instead of relying upon mDNS