Keep seeing this error `no decaying tag registered for topic` after upgrading to the latest version

I keep seeing this error after I upgraded libp2p from v.0.5.0 to v.0.10.0:
pubsub go-libp2p-pubsub@v0.3.2/tag_tracer.go:157 error bumping delivery tag: no decaying tag registered for topic

What is this error about?


Seems you are not using a connection manager – the pubsub system tries to assign decaying tags for first message deliveries.

– vyzo

This is a bug. @vhishal, could you file one?

It is not quite a bug, it’s expected behaviour; if there is no connection manager that supports decaying tags, then we warn and don’t apply them. At best it could be downgraded to a less severe log message but there is nothing to fix.

Logging a warning when nothing is actually wrong is still a bug.

So, i add a option in libp2p.New(), but i don’t know how to creat the ConnectionManager() with right parameter, can you tell me how to use the right option to initialize the connmgr?

connmgr ·

And some fresh documentation…