Kademlia DHT Network Size

Hi all, I have a distributed application and need to determine the current network size in number of nodes. I believe that this would be possible to do using Kad DHT, but I am not sure if that is possible theoretically (let alone in the JavaScript implementation). Is this possible using Kad DHT or some other method on Libp2p? Thanks in advance

@sherbst I have a similar requirement, Can you help me with the solution, if you figured it out already …!!!
Thanks in advance.

@rahullenkala I’ve put this aside for a bit while I focus on other things, so I don’t have a solution already. I am hoping to dig more into the Kad DHT implementation to see if I can find anything. Otherwise, I am planning on implementing some sort of protocol where peers will send each other the peer ids of each connected peer in order to establish a list of all the peers in the network (and as such, the network size). Out of curiosity, what are you working on?

@sherbst Hey Sorry !!
I missed your response,I am currently working on a blockchain protocol which uses libp2p for networking.
We implemented a solution using CRDT’s to maintain a list of all peers across all nodes in the network.
Let me know if you figured out any optimal solution using kad DHT.