Implementing simple p2p in-browser blockchain using libp2p

I’m going to create a simple p2p application, and I would like to use blockchain as a secure, integral, transparent,…, storage—nothing fancy, no VM, no privacy features, just a consensus layer for common knowledge. (On top of that I’m going to implement an MPC to sompute some crypto protocol.)

I would like the app to run inside a browser on both laptops and smartphones.
I’m wondering if it’s possible using libp2p? Have anyone tried to do it?

I’ve found some references Blockchain using libp2p in go (there is a source code) however it is quite dated and uses go instead of js (I want the app to run purely in the browser).

Do you know some project that did it? Or can you suggest to me how to achieve it?

When webrtc/: Add libp2p WebRTC browser-to-browser spec [tracking issue] · Issue #475 · libp2p/specs · GitHub is complete, you should be able to communicate between browsers easily. The rest will be more context specific, but the principles will be the same.